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Classes held at First Breath Birth & Wellness:

Birth preparation at our O'fallon office: 

New Generation Childbirth Education is a six week class series held here at the birth center. Classes are designed to help you and your partner discover tools you need on your journey to childbirth. From helping you to create a picture of the birth you desire to learning information you need to make the best decisions you can along the way, these classes will help you feel confident in your knowledge and inner strength.

Classes will focus on natural birth out of the hospital, but students planning a hospital birth will also greatly benefit from the topics we cover and are encouraged to attend. Nutrition, exercise, ways to stay comfortable in pregnancy and birth, tools for birth, how to handle a transfer, unexpected outcomes, bonding with your baby, and working with your care team is only part of the wide material we will cover.

CAPPA certified childbirth educator Genevieve Calkins believes that childbirth classes should be fun and engaging for both the mom and her partner. Coming together in a class with other expecting students is a great way to build lasting relationships with others who can join you on your journey through pregnancy, childbirth, and onto parenting.

Please email Genevieve at to register or visit her facebook page at

Breastfeeding class Come learn the basics of a great breastfeeding relationship in a small group class for new and expectant parents (yes, dads are encouraged to come too!). There will be plenty of time for individual questions and discussion. Classes are held on the first Thursday of every month at 7pm. Call Molly to register or for more information: 636-236-1852.


Birth preparation classes around St Louis

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Naturally Prepared 4 Birth

Naturally Prepared is dedicated to empowering families on their pregnancy journey through education and support. 

A variety of classes are available for families.  Whether you are just  ”Beginning the Journey” or you’re ready to “Prepare for Birth and Beyond”, our engaging and interactive classes  will  give you the knowledge, confidence and resources to trust the journey.

Classes are specifically designed for those exploring or choosing an out-of-hospital birth.  Whether you are considering a homebirth or birth center birth assisted by a midwife , or if you are committed to a natural birth in a hospital surrounded by a supportive team, Naturally Prepared would love to be part of your journey.

Birthworks Childbirth Classes and Breastfeeding Preparation 

BirthWorks, taught by Sarah Baker, is an innovative and unique approach to birth preparation that is rooted in this belief: the knowledge about how to give birth already exists within every woman. Birth is instinctual! Because of this, a pregnant woman does not need to be taught how to give birth; rather the classes work to help her have more trust and faith in her own body knowledge. BirthWorks builds the confidence of both women and their partners by incorporating both information and physical preparation for labor/birth/postpartum, along with mental and emotional preparation.

The 9 Week Class (held in Maplewood) is completely comprehensive and includes topics such as nutrition, postpartum, and a comprehensive breastfeeding class, in addition to all the labor/birth preparation. (For a complete list of topics covered, visit the website.) Sarah also offers private BirthWorks sessions for couples who cannot take the main class.

BirthWorks is designed for couples birthing in different locations: hospital, birth center or at home. Any couple can take BirthWorks, whether expecting their first child or if they’ve given birth previously (vaginal or cesarean). Many couples have taken BirthWorks classes in preparation for a VBAC. Women who experienced a previous negative birth find BirthWorks to be a vital of part of their healing, in addition to preparing them for their upcoming birth. Contact Sarah at:


Mother.Nature. childbirth classes are designed to bring important topics to light in an unthreatening and empowering way. The goal is to help families learn how to discern and to make informed decisions for themselves and their families and teach them to trust their instincts in a time when many industries are manipulating people by making them feel insecure about their own knowledge and ability.

“Mother. Nature.” is owned and operated by Carrie Burnett. Carrie and her husband Reid have a beautiful daughter who they birthed at home. Through many challenges and obstacle they learned about the birthing process and what is important when planning a natural birth. Carrie went on to train as a childbirth educator and began teaching classes in October of 2013. “Mother. Nature.” classes are designed for any family who is planning to have a natural birth, and are held at Kangaroo Kids near Lindbergh and Manchester. $50 OFF for Birth and Wellness Center patients. Enter BW50 when you register! Contact Carrie through the web site or at (636)744-9330. 

Bradley Birth

Natural childbirth is an important goal since most people want to give their babies every possible advantage. Without the side effects of drugs given during labor and birth. The Bradley Method® classes teach families how to have natural births. The techniques are simple and effective. They are based on information about how the human body works during labor. Couples are taught how they can work with their bodies to reduce pain and make their labors more efficient. 


 HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Method is as much a philosophy as it is a technique. The concept of HypnoBirthing® is not new, but rather a "rebirth" of the philosophy of birthing as it existed thousands of years ago and as it was recaptured in the work of Dr. Grantly Dick-Read, an English obstetrician, who, in the 1920s, was one of the first to forward the concept of natural birthing. The method teaches you that, in the absence of fear and tension, or special medical circumstances, severe pain does not have to be an accompaniment of labor. 

Online classes now available!

Birth Boot Camp

 Birth Boot Camp, Inc. was inspired by the many military couples that have taken Donna Ryan’s DVD classes abroad. She realized the need for a program for couples that have a desire to take extensive natural birth classes, but cannot attend a live class. Donna began to assemble a team of birth professionals to create a program that offers high quality education to couples able to take a traditional, instructor led class and those who cannot attend a traditional class for whatever reason. Pursuing the birth of your dreams should never be compromised because of schedule conflicts.Birth Boot Camp is a 10-week course. All students will receive the 170-page full color, professionally printed Field Manual, relaxation training, weekly links to additional reading on complementary topics, and a comprehensive breastfeeding DVD, The Ultimate MRE.