Barbara Gremaud, RN, CPM has worked as a nurse at the birth center since the fall of 2016 and has had an enduring interest in becoming a midwife since she was a teenager. To that end, she graduated with her BSN from St. Louis University in 1993, worked as a doula at Barnes-Jewish Hospital from 1999-2000, and finished training as a Certified Professional Midwife in 2014. Barbara attended women as they gave birth at home alongside her dear friend and former midwifery partner Jennifer Konkol from 2010-2017. She is currently enrolled at Frontier Nursing University and will finish with a Masters in Midwifery in early 2020. Barbara gained expertise in the realm of breastfeeding while volunteering for 13 years as a La Leche League Leader in the greater St. Louis area. In the intervening years, she married her kind and supportive husband Milo Gralnick and gave birth to 3 children at home with Missouri midwives. Giving birth to her children and watching them grow has been her greatest source of joy and fulfillment.